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Teaching my mom

For five years, I have spent countless hours in front of this computer working on what seemed to my mom nonsense fun stuff. In December my husband and I made a decision that required me to step away from the company for a period of time, to raise my two young...

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Christmas Cranberry Loaf

We have a dear fried at the bakery. Someone who has been with us from the beginning. Her name is Beverly. It is no secret that we are Christians, and that we believe that He has a plan for our lives. So it should be no surprise that as I tell you this story you will...

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Dear Wednesday

Dear Wednesday, I'm so excited the cooler weather is here. The only down side is I don't fit into any of my leggings or jeans 🙁 (this post maternity body has to go). But the crisp air and need for a sweater warms my heart. I love the change in seasons. Dear Joshua,...

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