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Did someone say buttercream?

I have thought long and hard this weekend. Trying to decide what I would share with you. We were up to so much last week. I finally made a decision, and I want to share with you the cake we did for a wedding a couple of weeks ago. I feel so emotionally involved with...

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Dear Wednesday

Dear Wednesday, lately you seem to be arriving faster than expected, but I am glad you are here. I don't understand the Pokemon Go craze. I mean it's really showing peoples lack of respect for private property and lack of common sense. I saw on the news today that...

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Retired School Teachers and HAM Radios

Every now and then we get customers that instantly feel like family. There is something about their demeanor and the way we click. This last weekend we had the honor of making a very special cake for that kind of person. Her name was Mrs. Clark, and from the moment I...

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