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We have a dear fried at the bakery. Someone who has been with us from the beginning. Her name is Beverly. It is no secret that we are Christians, and that we believe that He has a plan for our lives.
So it should be no surprise that as I tell you this story you will find that she is a guardian angel of sorts.

When we opened our first store she and her husband came by in their gulf cart one day. They told us that they wanted to help in any way they could. Mom and I thought wonderful! They can help us sweep and clean. What we didn’t know is that they would literally build the store with us. They would spend 12 hour days with us. That I would learn how to use a drill with them. As it turns out, Beverly had been praying. She wanted to use her talents as a contractors wife to help someone. When they found out about us it was a no brainier and she knew exactly how to help us.

One of the days at the old store mom was speaking with her about how blessed the felt. They were working on an old stained glass window that was hanging on a wall. It had been covered by some hideous pictures of sandwiches from the previous tenant. As they peeled back the stickers mom had told Beverly “My cup runneth over” Low and behold and because God is amazing they uncovered the stained glass art that was nothing short of a spoken message from the Lord. You see the art was of a coffee cup and above it were the words ” My cup runneth over”!!!

Yeah goosebumps…. All that to tell you that we have plenty of Beverly stories and she is someone we love with all our hearts.

This Christmas she saw a picture of a cranberry loaf and asked mom for it. I know she probably meant it a joke, yet my mom made it for her. Not only that but Christopher helped. Beverly is a woman that brings joy wherever she goes so it seems to me only logical that as we created this wonderful gift it became a gift for us of spending time with my son watching him be amazed by the process of mixing and baking and decorating.

I am not only honored but blessed and humbled to love this woman, and to have her love me and my family. She believes in us when we give up on ourselves, she loves my children like a nana should. She has given us so many days of laughter and love and hard lessons.

So thing Christmas Cranberry loaf is not just a loaf. It is a memory, an emotion, and visual representation of love, and kindness, patience, peace, joy, and even sadness from those tough days we all go through.

The Christmas Cranberry loaf is to be enjoyed with a cup of good ole coffee or hot cocoa or apple cider.

Only while you are enjoying it don’t forget to let your cup run over!