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Dear Wednesday, it’s official. We are under the month mark for baby girl Kipp to be here! I am officially now working from home and going to the office less. It feels weird but I think it’s important for me to figure out this routine before we add another bundle of joy into our schedules. Speaking of schedules you wouldn’t believe how ours looks. Each person has a color (including the bakery) you would think I was trying to create the most intricate of rainbows haha.

Dear feet, this pregnancy I have come to respect you in such a different way. Yesterday as I stood up from taking a rest on the couch. I think I heard my ankles audibly crack. I don’t know how you are doing it, or how you are holding me up and taking me places I need to go. Thank you. From the bottom of my sole 🙂

Dear Joshua, thank you for being so kind. Part of me coming home to work, means booting you out of one of your desks for several hours. I’m so glad your mama taught you to share 😉

Dear Christopher, you will be a big brother soon. Like really soon. I love you so much. You will always be my first baby.

Dear Arney, I know we have talked about this, but it was no coincidence we bumped into you last week. Thank you for all the handyman work you have done in the bakery. Now my babies have a play room, I have an awesome office, and the consultation area at the store looks like a 5 star room. Again. Thank you.

Dear Mom, I love that we only fight over the little stuff. I love that when we get frustrated with each other at work we can overcome it quickly. Frustrations happen it’s how we handle them that makes the difference. Seeing as we usually end up making them inside jokes. I think we are doing pretty well.