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Dear Wednesday, I’m so excited the cooler weather is here. The only down side is I don’t fit into any of my leggings or jeans 🙁 (this post maternity body has to go). But the crisp air and need for a sweater warms my heart. I love the change in seasons.

Dear Joshua, thank you for buying me a Ninja coffee bar. I’m so spoiled. Now lets just hope my coffee is stronger than our toddler.

Dear Christopher, Hearing you sing twinkle twinkle melts my heart every time. Instantly followed by laughter when you get to the part you don’t know yet. So you choose to mumble and start all over. It’s quite amusing. Every time you do it though I save the memory in my heart, because I know that some day soon you will sing the whole song and i’ll be so proud yet miss your childlike learning.

Dear Aura, I can’t wait to show off that amazing midnight blue cake with the gold seashells at our event tonight. You are really outdoing yourself. I am honored to work with you and share in this passion.

Dear Pecan Choco Bars, I’m so glad it’s your season. You have no idea how much I look forward to you! Yummmmmmmm. Ps. thanks for calling me a professional photographer the other day 😉

Dear Anna, My sweet baby girl. I can’t believe you are 2 months old already. You have brought so much beauty and love to our family. Hearing you giggle and coo reminds me of how precious life is.