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I’m a 28 year old business owner, a daughter, wife, and mother of now two babies.

When we first opened the bakery in 2011  running a business was a learning curve that only God could have ordained. I’m one of those people that have to work extra super hard to learn anything. At school while others read the chapter once or twice and got a good grade. I would have to subject myself to hours of study to get the same grade. (It has always been super frustrating) Not only do I have to work hard to learn actual material but the same goes for life. Things like planning my day, time management, sticking to schedules, and planning ahead all take loads of effort for me to accomplish.

For three years I beat the pavement at the bakery constantly walking up to new mountains of trials and lessons to learn. But the biggest of all and most rewarding has definitely been becoming a mom. I am constantly asked how I do it, or even praised for doing it. But what people don’t know is that my children (while driving me completely insane some days) have been my saving grace.

You see I thrive under pressure, and under tight time constraints. I have spent countless hours trying to produce such circumstances in my life. But apparently pressure and time constraints is the essence of parenting. I have become a way more organized, no nonsense taking business owner.

See now I have a 2 year old to keep up with and a 2 month old to care for constantly. The little bit of time that I can find is now GOLD. Precious, heaven sent goodness. In that time which is usually from 8:30 -11:30 (now broken up in every 40 minutes increments because of Anna) and from 1:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon while Christopher takes a nap I accomplish everything that running a business requires.

My children have brought new ideas, they have caused me to think outside the box, to problem solve. Not to mention that now everything I do and every choice I make I make for them, with them in mind. They have placed life and business in a whole new perspective.

But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Most of the time while I’m speaking on the phone I am holding a child willing them not to squeak, or I’m picking up a mess. They often don’t nap when they are supposed to, or don’t stay asleep as long as they were meant to. Daycare gets canceled and colds happen. Most of the day I spend typing, speaking on the phone or holding a meeting with a toddler on my lap who I love with every ounce of my heart. I can now hold a serious phone conversation while pulling funny faces and not letting the tone of my voice change ( I consider that a new super power)

But really, my children have made me a stronger, smarter, wiser, more focused human being. I don’t have time to waste  on the clock any more. When I do get those minutes of time alone for work I have to work at double speed to accomplish the most I can before I have to change gears again.

All in all GRACE, grace abounds in being a mompreneur  a nap time working mom. Someone who loves fearsly, works fearsly and lives fearsly.

Stay Sweet!