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For five years, I have spent countless hours in front of this computer working on what seemed to my mom nonsense fun stuff. In December my husband and I made a decision that required me to step away from the company for a period of time, to raise my two young children.

It has now been my pleasure and frustration at the same time, to introduce my mother to that “nonsense” I used to stare at for countless hours.

It has amazed me to learn the difference between our generations. To see things , that I naturally know, not being natural for mom. To watch her be frustrated at passwords, ever changing formats, millions of steps to accomplish one simple task.

I will admit, there is a small part of me that says “HA” but the bigger part of me is filled with compassion and awe as I watch her learn the ropes of what I did. ┬áJust last week, she wrote and sent 3 wedding cake proposal, all by herself on our processing platform. ┬áMy pride was equal to that of my son saying mommy for the first time.

The very next day, I found her pulling her hair out trying to do something as simple as signing into a platform, but non of these compares to the moment when she stopped dead in her tracks looked me in the eye and said ” This is not nonsense or fun” It has been difficult to teach her, because she is my mom and I’m afraid to insult or embarrass her and then I realize…she taught me how to use the potty. Nothing is more frustrating, humiliating, or embarrassing than that. ( this is what I am learning being home…)

But she will do it, she will conquer it. Because she always does. And when she makes it, I will be so proud of her.

I love you mom, I’m proud of you, Thank you for all the things you have taught me. I am honored that it is my turn.